Corporate Wilderness Team Building Events In Oakland

Paleoventures is a Bay Area company devoted to helping corporate and non-profit teams become more cohesive and functional by providing outdoor offsites where individuals share experiences, learn effective communication and teamwork skills all while enjoying nature and having fun together.

We believe improving teamwork can improve overall corporate culture and lead to greater success for every organization.

There are exciting wilderness locations all over California. including Oakland, so we are sure to find the perfect one that fits your team’s specific need. You can choose from a total wilderness day in a remote location to a more easily accessible wilderness location with amenities (such as tables and bathrooms) to a location that combines a classroom option as well as outdoor (but not wilderness) opportunities.

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The wilderness experience is just right for most teams whose members have differing levels of physical fitness, capabilities and interests.

Outdoor Survival Instructions
Orienteering (using a compass, map drawing, way finding)
Water Gathering
Plant & Animal Identification
Get to Know Each Other Activities
Corporate Communication Skills



To design your perfect adventure, we meet with you, ask lots of questions and listen carefully. We want to know about your objectives for the offsite, the make-up of your team and their special needs, their work, goals and challenges and the business objective you are hoping to impact by improved teamwork. Your team will return to work energized and excited after spending a day in the wilderness, engaging with, learning about and appreciating their teammates in a whole new way.

The Benefits

Organizational Benefits

Through a variety of outdoor activities, team members learn to draw upon the skills of their teammates as they acquire and share new knowledge, assume personal responsibility and share decision-making. Opportunities for peer feedback enable individuals to feel valued and appreciated by their teammates for their contribution, benefitting the individual, the team and ultimately the organization.


Team Benefits

As teams work together, each member has an opportunity to demonstrate his or her unique abilities, leading to a greater appreciation by the team as a whole for the individual. Through cooperation, sharing of information and clear communication, teams learn to make better decisions and succeed at new and adventurous tasks. Combining learning, fun and appreciation of nature all contribute to an engaging experience for both new and mature teams.

Outdoor Skill Benefits

Paleoventures activities teach real outdoor which might, in fact, save an individual’s life if he or she is ever in a true crisis situation. Acquiring these skills builds confidence and true capability to survive in the unfamiliar and unforeseen circumstances of life.

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