“I’ve been to 25 or 30 or so similar team building exercises, but this one was the best i have ever been to!”

-Ann Wrixon
Executive Director for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

“People were still talking about it a year later so I hired them again.”

-Beth Proudfoot
Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley

“The greatest thing we got out of it is we are communicating more efficiently”

-Kristin Bartlow
Northwestern Mutual

“The transformation that has occurred as a result of that retreat continues to pay dividends today.”

-Tim O’Keefe
Executive Director for Shelter, Inc.
“What a difference a day makes!  Our team knows and understands each other better….and wants us to be better as a team after spending a great day with you.  Fabulous experience!  Thank you!”

“Thank you so much to the both of you for a wonderful day and memorable experience. That work that you do and what you helped us learn, as a team is beyond measurable.  Thank you for the day!”

“Thank you so much for an awesome experience.  Our team really enjoyed it!”

This is the best team building event I have been to and I have worked for two other Big 4 accounting firms.

Good experiential learning experience.

I had a great experience!

Thank you for such a fun day.

Very helpful and reminds me of our basic skills and the need to keep them start!

I laughed so hard!  I enjoy today.

I like the fact that we don’t talk about work specifically – that we can have the opportunity to get to know and to appreciate each other better.  Magic!  Thank you so much!

Should be done yearly.

I really love both of your energy, authenticity and passion for your work.

This is a great teambuilding experience and I learned a lot about my teammates that I didn’t know about. Great, safe way to get to know each other.

Would love to do it again.  Thank you.

Fabulous job

This was the best time ever!

This is not just teambuilding – it is community building.

Great variety of activities!

Had a lot of fun!

It was wonderful!

Thank you for the thoughtful day.

Thank you. This was an amazing adventure
I had an amazing time!  Thank you

I appreciate that the activities did not put people on the spot or create anxiety.

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