Every Necessity Is Free

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Anyone at anytime can suddenly find himself dependent on his own resources for survival. It
costs very little time, money, and effort to be ready for such an emergency. If you are not ready,
it may cost your life.
You may be in an automobile that is stalled by mishap or storm in an unsettled area, a not
uncommon occurrence that frequently results in unnecessary hardship and tragedy. It may
even happen that you and yours will one day be compelled to seek sanctuary in the wilderness
because of threats to civilization itself.
Using the ways of living off the country, some of which you will learn in a PALEOVENTURES
teambuilding offsite, such as building a fire, finding food and water and using a compass and
signal mirror, will help even the most “survival challenged” individual to have added confidence
and competence, both of which can be lifesaving.
“Man’s capacities have never been measured; not are we to judge what we can do by any
precedents, so little has been tried.” Pointed out Thoreau. “What people say you can not do, you
try and find you can.”*
*How to Stay Alive in the Woods, Bradford Angier
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